Aluna Theatre is a not-for-profit charitable company that creates, develops, produces and presents artistically innovative and culturally diverse performance work, with a focus on Latin Canadian and women artists.

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Events Calendar

begin Oct. 1

Our Master Classes begin – descriptions here or check out:

Playwrighting with Carlos Satizábal (Colombia) Oct. 1+2
Rhythm Writings with Jackeline Rago (Venezuela) Oct. 3+4
Building the Scene with Teatro de los Andes (Bolivia) Oct. 8-9-10
Writing with the Body with Cristina Castrillo (Switzerland/Argentina) Oct. 8-9-10

Sunday Oct. 02, 5pm

A reading of El Refugio de Freidel in Hamilton – stay tuned for details

October 5-16
Shows – Workshops – Conferences with artists and communities from across the Americas to witness, experience, and celebrate the rich diversity of our hemisphere.  Produced with our partners, Native Earth Performing Arts, at Artscape Daniels Spectrum, 585 Dundas St. East

Our Studio

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The Macondo Studio

Attending an event?  Need rehearsal space?  Special Rates available for Artists to rent our studio in the Junction Triangle. Read More

The Aluna Blog


SolOthello, a diverse approach to The Bard’s work

Two. More. Weeks. Aluna Theatre, in partnership with Native Earth Performing Arts, presents RUTAS panamericanas, an International Performing Arts Festival in Toronto, and I couldn’t be more excited for the performances coming this year.