Mainstage Performances coming to THEATRE PASSE MURAILLE

Urban Odyssey

By Dance Puppet Theatre Company Loco7, a resident company at La Mama ETC in New York led by Bogotá-born Federico Restrepo and Denise Greber

Urban Odyssey depicts the experience of immigration to America through movement and visual theatre: exploring the joy, fear, alienation and struggle that reveal the allure, disillusionments and rites of passage to achieve the American Dream.  The inevitability of a new American culture opens up in this voyage from leaving ones homeland, to finding a new country, to making a new home and setting down roots.

May 15 @ 8pm,  May 16 – May 19 at 7pm;  May 20 at 2pm.  Click here to buy tickets.

 “…an elegant multimedia show…consistently touching and evocative” – New York Times

…in a nation of immigrants that is still struggling to find its identity, and dealing with issues of racism as much as ever, this production is a powerful reminder of the empathy and respect we owe each other’s unique struggles and diverse identities.–

Parting Memories

By Violeta Luna, an associate artist of the San Francisco-based performance collective La Pocha Nostra

A collage of actions by Violeta Luna based on the Border TRIP(tych) collaboration with the SF based collective Secos & Mojados*.

Parting Memories engages us with an immigrant’s moment of parting. As she readies herself for the crossing, she begins to take inventory of what she will take with her, and what she will forever leave behind.

Forever condemned, or freed, by the space in-between the land she parts from, and the land awaiting on the other side, in the cracks and fractures of the borderland she has to rebuild a new identity and sense of self. Parting transforms shards of memory into “dreams” of possibilities in a new landscape.

May 17  –  19 @ 9pm;  May 20 @ 4pm. Click here to buy tickets.

“This multi-layered narrative offers redemption and a retrieved sense of identity through remembrance and the re-enactment and integration of the migrants physical and psychic journey. – Karina Hodoyan, University of San Francisco

Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box

Carmen Aguirre’s Blue Box

Based on the award-winning memoir Something Fierce, Blue Box investigates Carmen’s remarkable life as an underground revolutionary in Chile. It’s a story of terror, romance and abandon that takes us from the dangerous mountain passes of Chile to the perilous roller coasters of Hollywood; from an ardent love affair with a TV star, to a passionate love for a revolution that strove to change an entire nation. Blue Box is performed by the fierce and funny Carmen Aguirre.

May 22  – 26 @ 8:30pm;  May 27 @ 4pm. Click here to buy tickets.

“Aguirre is a hot tamale: passionate, at times very poetic, blunt and outspoken.” – Mondo Magazine

Nohayquiensepa (No one knows)

By Aluna Theatre

Nominated for 5 2011 Dora Mavor Moore Awards, Aluna’s award-winning multimedia crie de coeur for victims of violence in Colombia returns to the stage.  In asking how we deal with the death of strangers, Nohayquiensepa opens a passage through the subconscious final moments of a hunted man to the people who react to his death days or years after.  Based on stories from the Magdalena river in Colombia.

May 22  – 26 @ 7pm;  May 27 @ 2pm. Click here to buy tickets.

*2011 Dora Winner for Outstanding Lighting Design

“… by far the most successful example I’ve ever seen of multimedia theatre by a Toronto company.”  Christopher Hoile, EYE Magazine



By Edgar Flores and Carmen Samayoa – photo by Katherine Fleitas

Performed by Mayahuel Tecozautla

IXOK means WOMAN in Maya-Quiché.  IXOK  takes place during the military conflict in Guatemala which led to the Mayan genocide of the 1980’s.   There were more than 250,000 victims – of whom over 45,000 are still missing today.  In this solo theatre/dance piece, Mayahuel Tecozautla depicts the story of an indigenous woman who flees to the jungle seeking safety for herself and her child.

May 18  –  19 @ 10:30 pm;  May 20 @ 6pm. Click here to buy tickets.

Marine Life (Reading)

Marine Life by Rosa Laborde – photo: Trevor Schwellnus

In the midst of ecological disaster new lovers, Sylvia and Rupert, explore their budding relationship while Sylvia’s co-dependent musician brother John spirals into chaotic self-destruction and does everything he can to push them apart. A tragic comedy, Marine Life is a delicate piece about complicated intimacies set against a backdrop of apocalyptic proportions. The play incorporates magic realism, humor and live music while exploring themes of environmentalism, creativity and the end of everything. A new play by Rosa Laborde (Leo, Hush) directed by Natasha Mytnowych (The Russian Play, Little One)

Reading on May 27th @ 6pm.  PWYC at the door.