what I learned from a decade of fear

A Karmic Accounting / Interrogation Ritual to explore how to own a decade of repression, war, and security paranoia.   Could it be incriminating, to have an average life?  What if we believe it, when we are told, “this was done for us?”

Using security cameras and confined spaces as a medium of communication, our core team of Beatriz Pizano, Trevor Schwellnus, and Lyon Smith, with choreographer Ame Henderson, is building a set of situations to explore our contradictory need to change the world for the sake of preserving it.


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Freidel’s Refuge (El Refugio de Freidel)

friedel red pants 680 photo by Beatriz Pizano

Liliana looks at her own experience as a Colombian refugee through texts from her director, the controversial Colombian theatre-maker, Freidel, who was brutally assassinated in Medellin in the early 90’s.

A collective creation by Liliana Suarez Henao and Beatriz Pizano.

Watersheds | La Linea Divisoria de las Aguas

With the collaboration of the Ticuna elders of the “Amazon Triangle” where Colombia, Peru, and Brazil meet, this intercultural exchange is an investigation of the people that have travelled the water routes from North to South America.

To read more of Lead Artist Beatriz Pizano’s exchange in the Amazonic triangle, CLICK HERE.